Awareness Centered Therapy™



There is an integral relationship between the mind and the body. Emotions and thoughts have an effect on the body that can result in dis-ease. The science of psychoneuroimmunology is broadening our scientific understanding of this relationship.

The goal of the therapist is to assist the client in identifying patterns and beliefs which foster the climate of dis-ease. Empowerment strategies can be explored and adopted with restorative benefits even in the presence of chronic illness or life closure.

The therapeutic relationship is one of respect and trust in the client's innate strength and wisdom. The therapist, as guide and fellow traveler, by invitation, supports this process of empowerment with knowledge, skill, sensitivity, insight, authenticity and respect.

Healing is an Art and a Science that must consider the total person and their relationship to their internal and external environments. Awareness Centered Therapy, deep relaxation, creative self visualization, therapeutic touch and emotional release work promotes the healing process and can have a profound effect in promoting healing of the mind and body and spirit.